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Pre-sale service

01. Information registration: The service staff will carefully register your needs;

02. Solution proposal: We will propose solutions tailored to your needs;

03. Data clarification: Product data will be listed after the plan being clarified;

04. Scheme design: Our technicians design the product scheme for you based the the data list;

05. Plan finalization: Plan finalizaed after further communication.

In-sale service

01. Production order releasing:  production order issued according to the specification defined in the sales contract;

02. Production planning: production started in the workshop after technical clarification;

03. Quality inspection: the QC department inspect the product according the contract and company standards;

04. Storage of finished products: Finished products will be stored properly after inspection and qualification;

05. Balance payment: balance payment cleared before delivery;

06. Delivery of goods:  transportation or shipping information sent to the client after delivery;

07. Installation and commissioning: on-site installation and commissioning of the facility;

08. Customer acceptance: On-site acceptance by the user;

09. Order Filing: the order and relevant data will be filed properly for after sales service.


After-sales service

01. Report registration: The after sales reception will record the repair report  in detail, so as to solve problems in an all-round way;

02. Telephone guidance: Our technician will provide initial guide via telephone or video call;

03. On-site service: When necessary, we can arrange on-site maintenance service during the warranty period;

04. Product recall: The product will be recalled to the factory for repair when on-site repair can’t solve the problem;

05. Service record: The information of each product and the maintenance record will be kept by the after sales center for techncial improvement and better service.